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MHRA Medical Device Alert MDA/2010/065

Monday, 16th August, 2010


Suction liners issue 16:00 at 15:00pm


Due to a manufacturing fault, the lid of Receptal PVC suction liner may not be correctly aligned.

For more information please see MHRA Medical Device Alert

Manufacture HOSPIRA UK Ltd Advice


Estates and Facilities Alert

Wednesday, 11th August, 2010

Ref: EFA/2010/008 Issued: 28 July 2010

Gateway Reference: 14629


Medical gas cylinders which are not secured properly can topple causing injury or death. This includes cylinders which may be free standing and those held in cylinder trolleys.

For further information see the Department of Health Alert.

Rapid Response Report - Oxygen Safety in Hospitals

Tuesday, 29th September, 2009

On 29th September the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) issued Rapid Response Report NPSA/2009/RRR006 on ‘Oxygen Safety in Hospitals'.

The report was prompted by concerns over the potential for patient harm arising from the inappropriate administration and / or management of oxygen.

Up to June 2009 the NPSA had received 281 serious incident reports involving the use of oxygen. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the actual number of incidents may be higher than this, with many ‘near misses' going unreported.

RRR06 prescribes seven immediate actions, all of which are to be completed by 29th March 2010.

An essential element of these actions is the role of the Medical Gas Committee in defining an oxygen policy and related training programmes for staff working with oxygen equipment.

How can MGPS Services help?

We are able to assist hospitals and Trusts in establishing a multi-disciplinary Medical Gas Committee, writing and implementing medical gas operational policies and procedures covering all aspects of medical gas safety and management.  Additionally, our RCN accredited nursing, medical gas cylinder and safety courses address issues pertinent to the content of RRR006.  Also recognising that there may be large numbers of staff requiring training within an establishment we can also offer "Train the Trainer" options including the supply of training material.

We can be contacted on 0845 652 4901.

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