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Patient Safety Alert: Risk of death and severe harm from failure to obtain and continue flow from oxygen cylinders

Tuesday, 9th January, 2018

Some patients need to be given additional oxygen as part of their treatment. Where there is no access to piped or concentrated oxygen, it is provided in cylinders, the design of which has changed over recent years. Cylinders with integral valves are now in common use and require several steps (typically removing a plastic cap, turning a valve and adjusting a dial) before oxygen starts to flow. To reduce the risk of fire valves must be closed when cylinders are not in use, and cylinders carried in special holders that can be out of the direct line of sight and hearing of staff caring for the patient.

An unintended consequence of these changes is that staff may believe oxygen is flowing when it is not, and/or may be unable to turn the oxygen flow on in an emergency...

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Latest Estates Facilities Alert (EFA)

Wednesday, 19th October, 2011

Latest Estates Facilities Alert (EFA) relating to Uncontrolled Release of Liquid Oxygen from Vacuum Insulated Evaporator (VIE.

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Medical Gas Authorised Person 2 week Cours

Wednesday, 6th April, 2011

MGPS Services Ltd are pleased to annouce that its Edexcel accredited course Managing Medical Gas Systems to HTM02:01 for the Authorised Person is now available in a TWO WEEK format.

The new course addresses an important emerging need i.e. provision of extended training for candidates who may lack one or more areas of expertise in the medical gas field and who prefer to concentrate on gaining the necessary knowledge and skills in a less restricted timescale.

For more information and dates please contact Ann Goddard at or 0845 652 4901.


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